Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Skunked Again

Came across this recently on social media.

It's a list of the Top Ten advertising blogs that every student of advertising should be reading.

Naturally, RoundSeventeen failed to make the list.

I suspect they could have expanded the list to 100 and my blog would have come in at 101. I remember when I was made a Vice President and looked forward to flying Business Class. The day after my promotion, HR put out a memo that Business Class was now only for Senior Vice Presidents.


With regard to this magical list, that's OK. Because I never viewed R17 as an exclusive blog about advertising. As my 8 loyal readers know I often delve into other matters of far less importance: Politics, religion, the meaning of life, well, the meaning of my life.

What I don't understand is the glaring omission of other true advertising blogs that merit much more attention than the 10 given ink.

Luke Sullivan has an ad blog.

Dave Trott has a great ad blog.

So does the lumbering Mark Fenske, who should write more, including a post to yours truly, which he promised me three months ago.

And then there are the ad blogs I find myself reading every day.

For my daily fill of British grumpiness, there's George Parker.

There's my pal George Tannenbaun, who often bills himself as the 10th oldest copywriter still in the business. I guess that makes me, at the tender age of 44, the 11th oldest active copywriter.

And finally there is Bob Hoffman who pens the Ad Contrarian.

I thoroughly enjoy Bob's blog because he often says what the rest of us are thinking. I try to do the same but the truth is I'm still peddling my goods on the freelance circuit and in the interest of continued employment have to keep my guns somewhat holstered.

I'm sure there are others out there that I am forgetting and I apologize in advance. And because writers are good at holding grudges, I'm also sure those writers, when pressed to rattle off their favorite blogs, will gleefully omit RoundSeventeen.

That's OK, I'm getting used to it.

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