Thursday, October 2, 2014

Semi-Pro Bono

Today marks the conclusion of Think Positive week.

I actually thought about not posting today which would have made this a short week. And would have been  a sly commentary on how little there is to be positive about. But as my pal and advertising doppelgänger George Tannenbaum says, sometimes we must just soldier on.

To make matters even more challenging, today I've decided to return to everyone's favorite RoundSeventeen topic, advertising.

But before I do, it should be noted that last month, for only the third time ever, web traffic topped
10,000 hits. Moreover, this was without the benefit of any material being reposted on agencyspy, who have chosen to no longer put up links to my blog.

I would have some choice words words for them, but this is Think Positive week and I want to remain on this uncharted High Road.

So what, you may be wondering, could I possibly have to say about advertising that might be even remotely considered positive?

Well, consider this, earlier this week I was asked to work on a project aimed at stopping the spread of the Ebola virus. That's right, somebody paid me good money to put on my thinking cap and, instead of shilling brown fizzy water or overpriced auto insurance, fire up ideas in service of something that could actually make a difference in this world.

That doesn't happen too often.
In fact, it happened twice.

Last week my old boss, and yes I am going to drop his name, Lee Clow, specifically sought me out to work on a pet project. I hadn't seen Lee in years and it was just like old times.

"Brian," he said to me, "I think you'll be perfect for this."

Lee's project, which I will detail at a later date when it is officially launched, has to do with climate change and pro-active environmentalism.

A day rate.
Two pro-bono assignments.
And the opportunity to atone for two decades worth of snarky shameless huckstering and the promotion of conspicuous consumption. I can't think of a better way to end Think Positive Week.

By the way, all you heartless cynics will be happy to know that next we will be returning to our unique brand of Jaded Bitterness and Negativity™.

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George Tannenbaum said...

Thinking positive blows.

And I mean that in a positive way.