Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WARNING: Graphic Video

On February 26th, 1993, a group of Muslim terrorists set off a truck bomb in the basement of one of the World Trade Center buildings. The bomb killed 6 people and did extensive damage to the underground structure. It did not, however, topple one building into the next as the planners had hoped.

I remember watching that incident on the news and laughing to myself, thinking do these assclowns actually think they can take down the World Trade Center?

My flippant reaction, and that of our government, represented a monumental miscalculation.

Today, 21 years later, we, who are busying ourselves with cat videos or submerging ourselves in buckets of ice water for worthy charities, are guilty of the same faulty misjudgment.

I'd like you to watch a video.

No women are being stoned. No children are being bombed. And no American journalists are having their heads separated from their torsos in the name of an almighty, loving and merciful God.

But in many ways, this is even more disturbing and more chilling.

We know how the masked, gun-toting militants ravaging through Syria and Iraq feel about establishing a Caliphate -- a one world government designed to bring the planet's entire population under the laws of Allah.

This video shows us how some of the more "rational" followers of Islam feel about the impending unification of the Ummah.

What is most shocking is the cavalier attitude. There is an uncontested notion the Caliphate is coming and we must all, Muslims and soon-to-be-Muslims, live under Sharia law.

It's not a matter of if. It's only a matter of when.

Thankfully and not surprisingly two of the woman state their opposition, though they hardly make a forceful case. Lest they upset their male overlords.

What I find most frightening is how even the most soft-spoken of the men has no issue with the actual establishment of a one government, one religion, one-size-fits-all system of 9th century barbaric Neandarfuck totalitarianism.

It would be easy to dismiss all this if it were espoused by a few hundred, a few thousand or even a few million faithful followers. But Islam is practiced by 1.6 billion people, almost one out of every 4 humans on the planet. And if this video is any indication, I happen to believe it is, the majority of them are eagerly awaiting the day for the Caliphate to come. You know, so things can get better.

Just as in 1993, the warning signs are out there. You can go back to your ice bucket challenges, but the rise of ISIS, the savagery of Hamas, and the naked ambition of Islam should be a pressing concern for all of us.

Particularly if you are:

A woman
A Christian
A Jew
An atheist
A homosexual
A bisexual
A fornicator
A football fan
A Democrat
A Republican
A Libertarian
A Progressive
A beer drinker
A sommellier
A writer, painter, artist or photographer
A critical thinker
A Kafir
A dhimmi
A human being

Or just someone who loves a pulled pork sandwich on crusty toasted ciabatta bread

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