Monday, August 11, 2014

Is it out yet?

Last month saw the second highest number of visits to RoundSeventeen.

Over 10,000 page views.

I like to think it's because I'm becoming a better writer, but I suspect it's because we find ourselves in sour times and laughter is in such short supply.

Oh sure I may stumble across some insight about the ad business now and again. I may find a nugget of wisdom about fathering two teenage daughters. And I've even been known to ramble on about the current geo-political crisis in the Middle East, armed only with a handful of headlines and a superficial knowledge of the region's history.

The truth is I'm an intellectual lightweight.

I know it.
My wife knows it.
And the 10,000 folks who come here on a somewhat regular basis know it.

You're here for the funny.
And that's just what you're going to get.

Today, I'm moving slower than usual. My wife and daughters went on a little weekend getaway. Meaning I was left at home, free to get away with anything I wanted.

Within biblical limits of course.

On the first night of my stay-at-home mancation, I plowed through 1/2 a bottle of Noah's Mill Kentucky Bourbon. I found myself on the couch at 3:30 in the morning. With the TV blaring. It was on the History Channel, a show about Nazi Hunters and how the Mossad snuck Adolf Eichmann out of Argentina.

I had already seen it.
Six times.

And so today, weary, hungover and unable to muster up the energy for a good rant, I've reached back in the files and grabbed a Youtube video that I had written about in 2009 when nobody had even bothered to read this blog.

I liked it then.
Considering my listless nature, I like it even more now.

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