Monday, July 28, 2014

War Crimes in the Middle East

At the risk of opening up a can of worms, I'd like to weigh in on the tragedy in the Fertile Crescent.

Oh, not the Hamas-Israeli conflict. That can of worms that has already gone putrid from all the Facebook rhetoric.

Besides, as an unrepentant Zionist, or as one unfriended, unglued former colleague called me, a ZioNazi, I'm pretty sure you know where I stand on that issue.

What you might not know is that I cringe every time I hear or read about civilian deaths, or even military deaths, on either side of the warring parties.

I, and I guarantee you 99.9% of my fellow members of the tribe, are not driven by blood lust. And would like nothing more than to see a lasting peace between Palestinians and Israel. Not unlike the peace treaties Israel has willingly negotiated with Egypt. Or Jordan. Hamas, it seems, is not interested in peace.

However I am outraged.

And apparently I am alone on this, about what has transpired and continues to transpire just a few hundred miles north of Gaza.

There, Bashar Assad has exiled millions of Syrians and sent 150,000 of his fellow Muslim countrymen to their graves. By the way, that number is not some trumped up figure by the Jew-run media, that comes straight from Al-Jazeera.

That number includes 8,000, say it with me, EIGHT THOUSAND, innocent children.

I'm not going to stoop to some kind of grisly scoreboard, you can check the statistics on line.
But I will say this, the numbers are staggering.

The world's silence, even more so.

As if what were happening in Syria were not enough, the surging group of ISIS militants, hellbent on establishing an Apartheid Caliphate have been strafing across Iraq, forcing conversions, labeling apostates, murdering thousands and crucifying anyone who stands in the way of their personal Fourth Reich.

Where is the outrage?

Where are the flag-burning protests by the angry masses?

Where are the emergency sessions of the UN?

Where are the random attacks on Syrians, or people of Syrian descent, living in other countries?

Where are the vitriolic Facebook rants that so eloquently detail the senseless butchery of innocent people?

The moral hypocrisy is outrageous.

In the words of the apologists who cannot see that Hamas is Al Qeada is Taliban is Boko Haram is Hezbollah, you could say it's downright "disproportionate."


Owen Stevens said...

There are no tribes, there are no other sides of the fence to stand on there are just children being maimed and killed in the streets. Sectarianism only and ever leads to division, which leads to conflict, which leads to more death, more suffering. There are no fences. It is time our politicians stop sitting on them. I find your post at best misguided. There is no justification for this outrage yes there is more than enough outrage to around the world several times over.

glasgowdick said...

Misuided Owen? Tribalism, for better or for worse, accounts for the survival of the Jewish people through millennia of persecution, pogroms and genocide (the real genocide.) I don't expect you to understand that.

While the deaths in Gaza are tragic they are also totally unnecessary.

In case you hadn't noticed Hamas/Al Qeada/ Taliban/ Boko Haram/ Islamic Jihad/et al, invite death, celebrate death and indeed live for it.

The blood is on their hands.

Owen Stevens said...

The blood is always on others hands. Never ours. Always the others who need to change never us. And therein lies the problem. And so we go to war.

Perhaps you are right I don't understand. That you do not expect me to understand - because I assume my none jewish or Israeli status prevents me from ever doing so - seems too easy a dismiss. Many of my friends who are jewish they too do not understand. Some have left Israel because they could not condone what their government are doing. Many are protesting right now.

A video worth looking at -

Thank you for posting my comment and replying.

glasgowdick said...

You cite a video of Israeli's dissenting. Fine. they can voice their disagreement with the IDF policies. In fact thousands of Israeli's have. That discourse is good and necessary.

Now look on the other side of the fence, where Hamas is said to executed 25 Palestinians for the crime of disagreeing with Hamas' indiscriminate rocket fire.

That you draw an equivalency between the restrained defensive actions of Israel with the horrific atrocities of Hamas and other Islamic terrorists -- who by the way are torching the entire region in the cause of their fairy tale -- is troubling to say the least.

Owen Stevens said...

What is worrying is that there appears to be (the real genocide) and by inference less real genocides. Somehow less important, less hellish, less inhumane, less appalling.

You want to compare the 'other side' and in doing so find them less 'good' more inhuman. And so justify a policy that is a crime against humanity?
I'm not saying that Hamas is right, that firing rockets at innocent civilians is in anyway right.
The entire region is being torched. Why? Because these subhumans called Hamas/Al Qeada etc are pure evil and need to be removed from the planet. Or is it because of the incredible injustice that is sweeping the middle east? Started so long ago thanks to the British Government I might add.
There are no shortage of experts happy to draw up the list of reasons. To balance the sheet and find the one side morally justified, the other less so. But all that reasoning does not seem to lessen the death toll. And that seems the simple hard fact of the matter.

You say Hamas are torching the region in the cause of a fairy tale. But their's is not the only one.

I throw bricbats at you you through them back at me.

I wonder what a conversation that does not lead to more entrenchment but to more openness would look like?

I wonder if we could put the brickbats to one side what would we be left with?

Perhaps this post is not the place to start that conversation. It would certainly be one I would be interested in having.