Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Twitter introduces Twig

I know there's uneasiness in the Ukraine.

I know rebel Muslims are killing other Muslims in order to establish an all-Muslim planet.

And I know there's global warming going on because it's hot at my house and my wife and kids are yammering at me to install air conditioning.

But no one, and I mean no one, is changing this world more than the people at Twitter.

Last week, the forward thinking folks who gave us the Guttenberg-busting 140-character messaging platform announced a new metric for their Vines, the 6 second videos that re-aligned our solar system -- Loop Counts.

Wired Magazine wrote an entire article explaining the Loop Counts which you can read here.

I'm not going to lie and tell you I understand the mechanics of metrics, but the author of the article summed up it nicely with…

"It's a smart way to get you thinking about what is different about the platform. It reminds you why you're here."

You know, in case you forgot.

Of course if you want to gauge the true far-reaching impact that Loop Counts will have on our industry and how Loop Counts will change the way we eat, sleep and breath, you have to hear it from the soothsayers who can't wait to get their hands on this magic formula, the Social Media Director/Senior Content Strategists of this world.

I've conveniently blocked out the name of this fast-rising middle manager because I don't want him, or her, to be deluged by headhunters, which might get in his, or her, way of important Loop Counting.

You'd think one revolutionary announcement from the Twitterverse would be plenty, but you'd be wrong.

Resourceful Roundseventeen reporters have it on good word that we will soon see Twig™-- a game changing video platform delivered in 18 seconds.

Meatier than a Vine, yet shorter than a standard 30 second spot, the new 18-second Twig™promises to spawn three times as much buzz.

Three times as much wallop.

And of course, three times as much sales as the now popular, Vine.

Three Times!!!

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