Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On the nature of Free Will.

You might recall my recent post about the imam who rationalized anal sex -- a definite no-no according to the laws of Mo-Mo -- as long as the anal activities were in the service of jihad.

More specifically, the imam stated, it was, "OK to indulge in ass play if the goal were to widen one's butt for the implantation of a bomb that would kill infidels."

One Roundseventeen reader took objection to the post. Indeed all my posts regarding religion, superstition and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Granted, this anonymous commenter was complimentary about the blog, but used the word "please" twice in one sentence so I can only imagine his or her displeasure with my choice of topics.

To wit, I may only offer my sincere apologies.

But I will not, and cannot, take the childish fairy tales that have such an inordinate impact on all our lives, off the table. Particularly, as in the case of the aforementioned bearded wise man, when it's so damn amusing.

The same can be said for the same irrational jackoffery -- God I love that word -- spewed by the misguided followers of Jesus. And in the interest of fair play, the fakakta wisdom often dispensed by the hirsute members of my own tribe.

Why the strident atheism, you may ask.

I happen to believe that religion, and its incumbent irrationality, are not the forces for good they pretend to be. And couldn't be happier to see more and more people getting off their knees and embracing the tenets of logic and science.

I don't have the wherewithal or the intellectual firepower of a Sam Harris or a Richard Dawkins, but I can add my voice to the chorus evangelizing the powers of critical thinking.

And so I will.

Over and above all that, it should be noted that I started this blog and maintained this blog so that I could enjoy a platform to write about anything I chose. In fact, the title Roundseventeen is a thumb in the face of advertising clients who have become so prescriptive and subjected the work to round after round of meaningless scrutiny, they have all but taken the writing out of copywriting.

Like it or not, the random ranting will continue.

About religion.
About advertising.
About dentistry.
About fatherhood.
About Things Jews Don't Do.
About meritocracy.
And about people who need to be thinned from the herd.

Stay tuned, next week I'm having a colonoscopy.


Rob Hatfield said...

Good for you. Stick to your guns. I'm totally with you on your take on religion.

Try living in the Deep South for awhile. My tongue stays bitten.

Mark Cohen said...

I second all that shit.

George Tannenbaum said...

As for your colonscopy, let me say this. Never have I had a more peaceful rest that that which I got from the drugs they gave me prior to video-ing my colon.

Abhishek said...

Hey, I'm with anon on this.
I only partially like what you write about so I'm gonna passive-aggressively request you to change your personal blog according to my vaguely-defined preferences.
Also, discourse.

bob stein said...

Doesn't fakakta end with an h?