Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vault Week Part Three

As you might know, this is Vault Week. Where we reach back into the deep depository of ads gone by and shamelessly relive the glory of the past.

I was lucky enough to have been around for the dot com craze, those wild wooly days when the Internet was in its infancy and clients were rushing to throw their substantial VC money at crazy concepts that would never survive a focus group.

Gerbils flew from canons.

Babies dispensed financial information.

And angry wolverines chewed up marching bands.

Some called it careless, but I posit the best and funniest commercials were done in the late 90's.

At Chiat/Day we had a slew of dot com clients, large and small. We even dealt with one supercilious CEO who decided to bilk investors for millions of dollars. He's now sitting in a Federal Prison and I still can't contain my schadenfreud.

Another one of our clients, a respectable one,,  was an outfit that rated Internet commerce sites, sort of an online Yelp. They didn't falsify revenue and thus couldn't compete with the big boys on TV.

And so we turned to radio -- a lost art form if there ever was one. These days, with commercial free Sirius XM and with channel changing buttons located way too conveniently on the steering wheel, it can be argued that radio doesn't make sense as a media platform.

That's too bad, because I loved doing radio.

I also loved working with the incredibly-talented April Winchell, who helped produce this spot as well as 5 others.

It was great opportunity to play around.

Plus, anytime you get to say "screwed" as a euphemism for fucked over, well that's a good day in my book.

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Tony Mariani said...

Was there a disclaimer in the gerbil ad that the rodents were hurt during production? Very funny stuff.