Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The New Face of Fascism

I am no stranger to the backward ways of Nigeria.

Several years ago, I wrote a book Tuesdays With Mantu, My Adventures With a Nigerian Con Artist, currently the 2, 974,316th best selling book on Amazon.

During the course of writing the book I became very acquainted with Nigeria's inherent corruption, soaring illiteracy and of course, their sectarian violence between the country's Christian and Muslim population.

It's the same religious divide that accounts for slayings, murders and kidnappings in Mali, Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt, and as far east as Malaysia.

Two weeks ago, as most of us know, a toxic group of Islamic extremists (for some reason CNN is unwilling to identify them as such) kidnapped 234 girls from a school and has allegedly sold them into slavery.
Or marriage.
I'm still trying to decide which is worse.

That atrocity was followed by a mass murder in one of the villages in Northern Nigeria.

As the father of two daughters and as an admitted anti-Islamist, this whole affair makes my blood boil (which is no great feat as my blood's default setting is simmer).

Of course, I am not alone.

The first lady, Anne Hathaway and Puff Snoop Diddy Lion Dog, have also joined the chorus of outraged people.

I'm not a big fan of the hashtag. Boko Haram doesn't respond to hashtags.

To paraphrase Woody Allen, the only way to deal with these modern day Nazis is with bricks and baseball bats. And Cluster Bombs.

Look at Puff Dog's sign, he added urgency to the message and wrote NOW in all caps. With an exclamation point. If these Boko Haram guys ever expect to get bottle service at the club they better listen to Snoop Diddy.

While the volume is rising in this part of the world, the silence in the Muslim part of the world is, not surprisingly, deafening.

Years ago, a Danish newspaper had the audacity to publish some cartoons depicting Mohammed. Riots broke out in Africa, the Middle East and all the way to the tip of Brunei in the Southern Pacific. Thousands took to the streets. Embassies were sacked. And 50+ people died because someone had dared to draw a cartoon and insult Islam.

The same scene repeated itself when Comedy Central planned to air an episode of South Park featuring a cartoon character named Mohammed in a Bear Suit.

A FUCKIN' Bear Suit!

"Moderate" Muslims, said to number 1.5 billion, claim that extremists who blow up planes, strap on suicide vests, throw acid in the faces of little girls and kidnap 234 children, are not true Muslims. That they do not follow the Quran. And that these extremists have hijacked their faith.

If that's the case, doesn't it warrant some outrage on their part?
Where are the street protests in Dearborn?
In Islamabad?
In Mecca?
Where are the fatwas on Boko Haram?
Where are the imams and Grand Mufti's shouting 5 times a day from the tallest minarets, "Bring Back Our Girls!"

Their silence, their apathy, their willingness to let 234 Nigerian girls disappear or 120,00 Syrians to be murdered, is the true insult to Islam.

Moreover, it's an insult to humanity.

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