Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Mid-Term Elections

When you blog as much as I do, Monday through Thursday, and occasionally Friday, there is a tendency to get tired of one's own voice.

You, the reader, can escape my non-stop ranting and petty self-righteousness by simply not logging onto R17.

I don't have that luxury. Sadly, neither does my wife. I probably should have bought her a pair Bose QC-15 Noise canceling Headphones for Mother's Day.

In any case, today I'm going to turn off the diatribe machine and talk about my daughter. My youngest daughter, Abby.

This year she has been serving on the Leadership Council at school. They're the liaisons between the students and the staff. It's a Catholic School so it's not like the teachers are actually going to yield to any student demands. It's more about the appearance of compromise. And tricking the students into believing they have a say in the school's future.

In many ways it's much like our own democracy.

Abby enjoyed being on the council so much that she decided to run for Student Body Class President next year. You can see one of her campaign posters above. I offered to help her write and design the posters but she wanted to do it by herself.

Hence, my idea, "I Like Kike"….

…playing off her Hebraic roots and Eisenhower's iconic presidential campaign, never saw the light of day.

I'm not sure the Monsignor would have approved but I have a warm spot for self-deprecation.

For weeks Abby worked on her campaign. The teacher representative told us she worked harder than all the other candidates, combined. She made posters, canvassed the hallways, even baked cookies to sway voters who were still on the fence.

But as we have seen many times over, the best candidate and the hardest working candidate doesn't always win.

There was a palpable sadness here in Culver City that lasted a good three days. It magically disappeared when Abby checked the DVR and discovered an unwatched episode of Pretty Little Liar.

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