Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eat your broccoli

Heard a great interview with legendary singer David Crosby.

The DJ had asked David about his politics. Crosby comes from a time when singers and musicians had a world view and infused it into their music. Unlike some of the lyrics you might hear today that sound something like:

Bitch get my gatt
Or you gonna to get got.

Crosby was asked how he felt about concert goers who come to hear his music but may not care to hear about his politics. David said it was, "too fucking bad. The two are inseparable and if the audience doesn't like it they can go elsewhere."

On that note, I know you come to this blog for my sometimes humorous, sometimes suicidal, anecdotes about the ad industry but today I'm going to launch into another tirade about Arab hypocrisy and the threat of Sharia law.

Have you heard of BDS?

It's a movement by Palestinians that calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. As movements go, I much prefer this approach to the previous intifadas, which involved indiscriminate suicide bombings, throat slitting and plane hijackings.

More specifically the BDS folks are calling on colleges and financial institutions to walk away from Israeli innovation and to reject any products exported from the Holy Land. Last week the students at the University of Washington -- where my daughter will be going in the fall -- wisely rejected the call for Israeli divestiture.

Why the BDS movement you may ask?
Because these ill-informed leftists see Israel as the obstacle to Palestinian statehood.

Choosing to ignore the fact that the State of Palestine was established in May of 1948 and then quickly unestablished, by unhappy Palestinians, in June 1948.

They've also chosen to ignore the fact that billions of dollars of international aid to Palestinians was siphoned off and now sits in a Swiss bank account held by Mrs. Yassir Arafat. And in her shoe closet.

Or that Fatah and Hamas, the two governing bodies of the Palestinian people cannot agree on a flag, or the official state hummus, much less how to "rule" their own people.

Perhaps they could model their new state after one of the other successful self-proclaimed Islamic countries in the region. But have you seen the sectarian violence in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mali, etc. Not a lot of good role models there.

In Sudan they are getting ready to stone a pregnant woman for converting to Christianity.
And who could forget the new crucifixions that are popping up all around the region (except ironically in Israel)?

The BDS people can overlook all that.

And so they do what people have always done for the past 5,000 years, they blame Jews. They've even gone so far as to label Israel an Apartheid state.

This takes, as my people would say, chutzpah.

Palestinian literacy and standard of living are among the highest of all people living in Arab or Islamic countries.

In the interest of brevity I won't bore you with all the facts and statistics. Suffice to say in neighboring Syria, millions of people have been displaced and more than 100,000 civilians have been murdered.

Quiz me this BDS Advocate, given a choice, would those dead Syrians prefer the grave or some good old fashioned Israeli Apartheid living?

UPDATE: And then there's this ripped from today's headlines.

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