Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dawg Dazed

Today is May 1st.

In countries throughout the world, this is a day to honor Labor. The working men and women who farm the fields, build the machines, pick the crops, forge the iron and write the advertising copy that fuels the engine of capitalism.

Not coincidentally it's also the day all high school seniors must make the official college selection.

In other words, students must decide where the fruits of their parent's labor will be directed and siphoned off for the next 4 years.

Like thousands of others, my daughter has also made her choice. After gaining acceptance to prestigious schools like Syracuse, Marquette, Temple and Gonzaga, and a yearlong process that has all but consumed the Siegel household, she has opted for UW, the University of Washington.

Naturally, we couldn't be prouder, it's an excellent school with a premium on scholarship.

We couldn't be happier, they have a great football and basketball team.

We couldn't be more excited, Seattle is beautiful and the Pacific Northwest with its mountains, islands, and refreshing rains is a great place to visit.

And as all parents of college students will tell you, we also couldn't be filled with more anticipation.

Paying for this educational extravaganza promises to sap the Siegel portfolio and guarantee Deb and I two dirty cots at the Shady Hills Warehouse for the Almost-Dead but Certainly-Destitute Retirement Home.

How can I be so sure of our inevitable financial demise?

Because next year, on May 1st, 2015, my other daughter will decide which college she will be attending.


Anonymous said...

UW rules, but hopefully she won't go into the design program there. Everyone thinks it's hard to get into, and it is, but not for the right reasons.

Bob said...

One of the alums of my high school played QB at UW. Mark Brunell. Had a pretty decent pro career, too. Anyway, he never got into any of the troubles many pro football players experience, a fact he sometimes attributed to his upbringing, and his time at UW. And most important to you, he was never accused of any, uh, untoward hanky and/or panky with the co-eds there.