Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Send me to Mars

You probably didn't see this last week. I know I didn't. My buddy Steve from San Diego (he's a freelance copywriter and I'm not about to tell you his last name and give him any free publicity) sent me this recent article from the United Arab Emirates.

It seems local clerics, led by respected Professor Farooq Hamada, have issued a fatwa against any member of the Islamic faith who chooses to live on Mars.

Not a fatwa against Israel, which is just a few hundred miles away and has its own vast stretches of barren, scorching desert. But Mars, which is 36 million miles away from Earth.

A long flight, even if you're in first class.

Should this completely irrational fatwa take hold in the Muslim world, and there's no reason why it shouldn't, we in the thinking world, would have a glimmer of hope for mankind.

Maybe the other faiths would follow suit, including the dinosaur deniers, the snake handlers and the Rapture Hatchers.

Then, sometime in the distant future we could pack up our belongings, leave Mother Earth and live on the Red Planet. Knowing we would finally be free of these fairy tale mongers.

Imagine, if I may paraphrase John Lennon, a world with no religion.

Imagine a world where 9-year old girls are not sold into marriage.

Imagine a world where no one gets beheaded for NOT believing something that has no basis in reality.

Imagine loving whoever we want to love. Eating eating whatever we love to eat, including bacon, lobster and cheeseburgers. And not living an entire life based on the collective wisdom of ancient goat herders and sheep shearers who didn't know the first thing about gravity, thermo-dynamics or the early gut-busting work of Harold Ramis and the National Lampoon Radio Hour.

Apart from the searing heat on Mars, it all sounds pretty good.

It would be nice to live with intelligent, rational human beings who understand the objective truth of science and the power of free will.

By the way, if you're one of the folks who spent $59.95 for a VHS of Pia Zadora in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, you are not eligible to make the flight.

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