Friday, February 28, 2014

One One Thousand

Who'd of thunk it?

Five years ago, when I started this blog, on the eve of my 38th birthday, I never thought this endeavor would reach the 1000th post benchmark.

Truth is if you count the numerous posts I have deleted, either because I offended someone, made some factual errors, or just had some rare second thoughts, this important milestone was reached about two weeks ago.

But that's not important.

In fact, none of this is important.

If I were to hazard a guess I'd say you could give a rat's ass that I've narcissistically returned to this keyboard more than 1000 times with the delusion that anyone cares if there's 1001st post.

The other fact is, when I started Round Seventeen I had no idea where it would go.

To me, those are the best creative journeys. It's a methodology I subscribe to.

The act of doing is more important than the act of planning.

When I wrote Tuesdays With Mantu, it was a complete whim. What began as a sophomoric way to entertain myself unexpectedly turned into a book, a website, an industry calling card and a soon-to-be released full-length feature film starring Ryan Gosling as provocateur Rich Siegel and Lawrence Fishburne/Samuel Jackson as the befuddled Mantu.

When I started my Kim Jung Un Tumblr, I never dreamed it would garner so much attention and catch the eye of Sony Studio executives who plan to turn it into a full-length feature film starring Bradley Cooper as prankster Rich Siegel and Ken Jeong as the mad DPRK Dictator.

And just recently I've started writing some short fiction, you know when I'm not hawking adult diapers, minivans or sugary soft drinks in my capacity as a copywriter.

With any luck these short stories/memoirs will be turned into an HBO miniseries starring Leonardo DeCaprio as the rascally Rich Siegel and Scarlett Johannson as the office temptress who just won't take "No" for an answer.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I just wanted to say thank you to the 14 people, who for some unknown reason, show up here on a daily basis.

I'm hoping, as I'm sure you are, that the second 1000 entries will be a lot funnier than the first.


Tony Mariani said...

I for one show up everyday. Looking forward to the next 1000!

Bob said...

Before "Round Seventeen," two World Wars. After "Round Seventeen," numerous violent uprisings around the world, leading to unimaginable suffering and mayhem.

Congratulations on 1000!

laura sweet said...

Thank you Rich. I am looking forward to the next thousand :)