Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gimme an At Bat

Last week was the Super Bowl. And for the umpteenth time in a row I did not have a spot during the big game. I suppose the way the Super Bowl spectacle is handled in the media I should thank my lucky stars.

Every Monday morning marketing quarterback wants to chimes in.

"Farts, boobs and dogs."

"Sophomoric cheap laughs."

"Unsophisticated million dollar garbage."

Wait a minute, those are all in my particular wheelhouse.

And yet my bell has not been rung. Oh, I've come close. Achingly close. But fate, as she often does, threw me to the curb.

I even had a couple of shots, or as my buddy likes to call them an At Bat, at this year's game. It was not to be. And the work that did run where my spots could have run and should have run, was let's just say, "less than spectacular."

It kills me not only during the post-Super Bowl time period, but throughout the year. I see commercials on television and recognize them as assignments I worked on. Invariably, the reaction is always the same.

They passed on our scripts and chose to produce that?

Or, if my daughters aren't in the room…

Motherfuckers, that's what they ended up with?

I know what you're thinking or even muttering under your breath. Rich, you're sounding a little full yourself. What makes you think you could've done any better? Maybe you ought to try a little humility?

Yeah, well, we're close to 5 years into this blog and quickly closing in on a 1000 posts, it's a little too late for that.

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