Thursday, January 9, 2014

Allah, not so Akbar

Two weeks ago, an influential bloc of 57 Muslim countries demanded an end to Freedom of Speech here in America. This wasn't reported in The Onion or the Daily Currant or any satirical news source. This is legitimate, as reported in Investors Business Daily.

By the way, these are the same 57 countries that regularly denounce Israel in the UN for its alleged human rights violations while stoning, hanging and regularly butchering their own populace.

The 94-page document, titled "Islamophobia" wants to forbid any material that would suggest Muslims are inclined to violence.

Furthermore, it wants to criminalize any statements that suggest Islam is an inherently expansionist religion.

Keep in mind, this over-reaching document was not written by tongue-flapping, flag-burning, hirsute extremists that are often seen in throbbing mobs on the streets. Or Al Qaeda training camps in Somalia.

This lengthy proposal -- which would obliterate all known notions of sovereignty -- was thought out and written by statesmen, clerics and diplomats, sitting members of the United Nations. You know, the moderates we hear so much about.

If these folks had their way, my incredibly clever and cryptic depiction of Mo-Ham-Ed (seen above) would be a sufficient infraction to have me carted off to a Yemeni jail for the rest of my days.

Now I like falafel and schwarma as much as the next fellow, but I can't subside on those calorie rich foods forever. It puts unsightly pounds on my midsection.

I'm not one of those Fox Newshounds who uses terms like the Lamestream Media or gives any credence to the ridiculous notion that President Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, but a story like this deserves more ink than any coverage of Justin Bieber, the Polar Vortex or even the Pope's vision of an enlightened Christianity.

Even though the proposal doesn't stand an infidel's chance in heaven, it is a shot across the bough. It is nothing less than a direct assault on our most cherished right.

Threaten to take away guns and 50% of Americans will be kicking and screaming. But move up the ladder from the Second Amendment to the First and suggest the abridgment of our freedom of speech, you're going to see 100% of Americans with pitchforks and torches in hand. It'll make Black Friday at Walmart seem like a peaceful gathering of Trappist Monks for an afternoon tea.

What's most telling about the document is how it singles out Islam above all other religions. It doesn't seek to ban any criticism of Christianity. Or Hinduism. Or Judaism. The fact is, if you removed the anti-semitic rhetoric from the newspapers in these 57 Muslim countries, you'd have nothing left but the ads for hookahs and burka liquidation sales.

The reasoning is simple. It's because Islam is more than a religion. It is a way of life. It is uniquely intertwined with politics and culture. It is how 1/5 of the planet's population moves through the world.

But here's the flaw in their logic.

The laws of Islam are not universal. And saying they are doesn't make them so.

I'm not Muslim. Nor do I ever intend to be. So I, and chances are you, are not bound by the guidelines set forth in the Quran. And the minute, you, Mr. Sharia-observer seek to enforce your laws on me and other non-believers -- I think you like to call us Kaffir -- well, that's very the definition of expansionism. Moreover, any movement in that direction is certain to raise the specter of violence.

I know a little about religious persecution and have a deep respect for an individual's right to practice their faith. But I won't hesitate, not for one politically incorrect split second, to raise my voice about politics, culture and world views, particularly when those abhorent beliefs bear an uncanny resemblance to 1930's-style Fascism.

If criticizing totalitarianism, the subjugation of women and homosexuals, state-sanctioned anti-semitism, political repression, and violent attacks on African Christians in Mali, Nigeria and South Sudan, makes me an Islamophobe, then yes, I'm an Islamophobe.

If history has taught us anything, we should all be.

That's all I'm going to say on the matter.
I have a bacon cheeseburger coming off the grill.

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