Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A timely prediction

There's this trope that is popular among life coaches, marital therapists and people given to unprincipled wishy-washiness.

Something to the effect of, "Would you rather be right? Or would you rather be happy?"

Clearly this is a red herring.
Clearly I've already telegraphed my answer.

"I'd rather be happy. By being right."

Case in point.

Three weeks ago, on this very blog, I predicted a major client would throw a turd in the holiday punchbowl and announce an agency review. I didn't say who that client was or the exact date it would happen, I only knew from past experience, that it would.

And it did.

On December 6th, Infiniti, a division of Nissan Motor Company, announced that after a two-decade long relationship with TBWA Chiat/Day (my alma mater), management thought it would be wise to seek out alternative options.

Having worked on Infiniti many times in the past and having hopes of working at TBWA Chiat/Day again, perhaps even in the near future, I cannot and will not make any commentary about the decision.

However for purely selfish purposes, I do hope that whatever transpires they will continue to maintain a marketing presence here in Los Angeles.

To that end, I'm also hoping the local contenders for this premier luxury automotive account will take note of my availability. There's nothing I'd like more than to book the next two months solid helping the incumbent, or a new contender, take home this valued account.

Particularly if it's one of those agencies that pays overtime.

Why am I available you may be asking.
Because I just finished a successful gig with Sapient Nitro.

Wait, you may be saying again, isn't Sapient Nitro a digital agency?
Wouldn't they want the best freelance digital copywriter money could buy?

Yes, yes they would.

Being right makes me so happy.

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