Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I worked on the Nike Campaign

I am asked on many occasion, how I stay so busy? 

How do I get jobs or even find out about jobs when everybody else seems to be sitting by the phone or playing miniature golf at the local Dave & Busters? 

How do I turn the Freelance Gravy Train from a Local into a non-stop Express of fat checks and cherry assignments? 

What's the Get Rich Quick Secret, Rich?

There is no secret. 

I make it my job to know which agencies are busy, where there is turmoil, and who to pounce on for the next gig. It's simple elbow grease. I plant my elbows on my Herman Miller chair and my mouse on linked and get down to the business of knowing the business. 

You know, when I'm not picking fights with Jillian Michaels or harpooning Dear Leader Kim Jung Un.

Last week while sniffing around linkedin, I decided to research some of the characters I had seen on AMC's The Pitch, a show about minor league agencies competing for advertising assignments from Fortune 5000 companies.

One of the advertising wunderkind had written on his resume that "he had worked on the Nike campaign." 

This wasn't a throwaway tucked at the bottom of the page, as in 'other achievements.' This was at the top. In big bold helvetica. And it was unadorned with any further explanation. Leaving the uninformed reader to believe that "Just Do It" was something he had just done.

Of course this rascal is only 26 years old. Which means he must have sprung the campaign on Phil Knight while he was still in junior high school. Maybe between Chemistry class and Early 19th Century History.

The truth is he probably worked on a banner ad for Nike Girls Volleyball shoes. And he might have won a Northern Nebraska Silver Addy for Best Work in the 68 X 143 format. 

And so yes, he did work on the Nike Campaign. 

Yeah, and years ago I walked on the moon and unraveled the mysteries of space, because I had a Jonny Quest secret decoder ring.

I guess that's the beauty of getting older. I don't have to spend precious time inflating my resume. In fact, as Round Seventeen often demonstrates, I have a lot more fun deflating it.

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