Friday, August 30, 2013


(In light of the deteriorating situation in Syria, I've decided to re-run a piece I wrote August 17, 2011. Since that time we've seen two regime changes in Egypt and the death of more than 100,000 Muslims, killed by, other Muslims. With that in mind, my modest proposal still seems valid and frankly makes a lot more sense than the administration's misguided plan to start launching Cruise missiles.)

We are now nearing the end of summer and the Arab Spring has failed to produce much of a harvest. In addition to the centuries-old Sunni-Shia rift, there's the rise of fundamental Islamism that continues to wreak havoc from Libya to Pakistan. Not to mention West Africa. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be an oncoming train.

But what if that oncoming train were not a train but an Israeli tank?

I know it's beyond the imagination of 350 million Arabs who can't see past the tip of their broadsword, but consider how Jewish rule of the entire region could bring peace and prosperity to an area of the world that has seen neither.

First the obvious -- Oil.

At the current $85 barrel, the countries of the Middle East are sitting on trillions and trillions of dollars worth of natural resources. That wealth is wasted by tasteless sheiks who think it's classy to make a doody on a solid 24K gold toilet.

If you'll forgive some of my fellow tribesmens' awful affinity for bad Judaica, it's a fair bet that tremendous amount of money would be spent on better things like hospitals, roads and schools-- not Madrassas, with only one book, but real schools where 21st century learning would trump the current 7th century edumucation (intentional misspelling).

Freedom of Speech.

It can't go unnoticed that while Syrians are dying in the streets, yearning for the right to speak their mind, other Syrians, those living in the Israeli-governed Golan Heights, are free to go about their business without fear of being gunned down in the middle of the night. Even if their business is about badmouthing the government of Israel.

You know, for the atrocious "apartheid" conditions they live in.

How free is freedom of speech in Israel? You might recall that years ago, the Iranian government sponsored a Holocaust Cartoon contest. A despicable display of blatant anti-Semitism. Not to be outdone, an Israeli company, Dimona Comix, sponsored the Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest. Not one government official came knocking at the door with a cease and desist.

And finally, at least for the sake of brevity, Peace.

Before Muslims started killing other Muslims, just because it was a Monday. Or there was nothing good on TV. Or any other reason, they don't seem to need a good one, they were killing Jews. Consequently, the Israelis got real adept at stopping these internal insurgencies. Is there any doubt the IDF would put the kabash on such nonsense?

And while Arab cultures were stoning homosexuals or rape victims, Jews saw fit to give women equal rights, forbid honor killings and allow gays to serve in the military.

Under a united Israeli rule, the hundred or so sects of Islam would be free to peacefully practice their own religion. Just the way they do today in the Jewish sliver of a country, Israel.

Of course, none of this is going to happen. It would be a monumental affront to Arab pride. I'm not sure what it is exactly they are so proud of. I'll have do some more research and get back to you on that.

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