Monday, July 29, 2013

Greed is good

I had a different post planned (and written) for today.

But, in light of yesterday's announcement that Omnicom would be merging with Publicis and setting up their worldwide corporate headquarters in the Netherlands, I thought I'd reach deep into the glory files and whip out this fortuitously prescient piece from 1989.

You see while the Flock of Seagulls were making music that would stand the test of time, I was busy working my buddies, two former copywriters (Jim Jennewein and Tom Parker) on a parody magazine about the industry.

We spoofed all the issues of the day, including the mad rush to merge.

Although no more small countries were involved, the $35 billion plus deal does promise to send shock waves throughout the industry.

Not unlike the Blitzkrieg of Double U, Double U Two.

I hadn't paged through MADWEEK in quite some time. And it was quite surprising to see how life was now imitating art. That is if you can call three drunk copywriters writing funny shit about advertising, art.

But I have no doubt I will be sent to an early retirement when the new bean counters at PubliCom or OmniPube find a way to bring this other MADWEEK piece to fruition...

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