Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not Sold Here.

This is an earthquake resistant table. A lightweight device that features a sturdy birch desktop that sits on a set of shock absorbers that can withstand 1000 kg of falling cement and steel. Placed side by side, these tables can also form a life saving tunnel and an exit from crumbled buildings.

It's an outstanding example of innovation that could spell the difference between life and death for thousands of people in earthquake-prone countries.

But you won't find this remarkable table in Pakistan.
Or Iran.
Or Indonesia.
Or a dozen other nations that sit on or near the turbulent Ring of Fire.
Because it was designed and built by Jews. More specifically, the Jews who live in Israel.

And if you hadn't heard, there's a global boycott of Israeli goods being organized and promoted by a group of mostly third world countries -- the ones I call Losers -- that could, ironically, benefit the most from Israeli innovation.

Apparently it's morally acceptable to sacrifice a few thousand schoolchildren in the name of taking a stand against the alleged "apartheid" being practiced in Israel. Conveniently ignoring their own deplorable record on human rights including state-sanctioned rape, honor killings, institutionalized misogyny and blasphemy laws that make any form of apostasy punishable by death.

Of course the earthquake resistant table is just one example of people cutting off their nose to spite the people in Israel with noticeably larger noses.

There are dozens of other Jewish medical and technological breakthroughs that these folks wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

Including the PillCam for the non-invasive diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, mushroom-based treatments that have shown remarkable success fighting pancreatic cancer, and a clever radiation-free baby monitoring device that can prevent crib death.

OK, the last one was not really fair, since the babies who were unfortunate enough to be born in these enlightened countries, rarely actually sleep in cribs.

The futility speaks for itself.

By the way, to counter this misguided movement the Israelis have organized a boycott of their own.
Refusing to buy or import any of the amazing products and innovations coming out of Malaysia, Bangladesh, Syria and Yemen.

No one seems to have noticed.


Bragging Bob said...

I've actually worked on another breakthrough product devised in Israel. It's a medical device that allows breast cancer surgeons to check the excised tissue for cancer cells, so they know right away whether they need to remove more tissue or not. Of course, the boycotting countries you mentioned already have a version of this. It's called a "sword."

Anonymous said...

Um... Let them croak out on their own stupidity and blind following of poverty pimps Hamas and Hezbollah. Between this and yesterday's public execution of collaborators, there might be de facto peace soon enough. Now, how to lower that rate?