Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost and browned

With all the posts I've written about dog poop, human poop, and poop in general, I'm sure some Freudian would say I'm anal obsessive. And that's fine. Because recognizing the problem is halfway towards the solution.

In that spirit of regularity, I'd like to return to the issue one more time, though it will hardly be the last.

You see in addition to being anal obsessive, I'm also a self admitted misanthrope. A while ago I considered changing the tagline for Round Seventeen to "Your one-stop shop for misanthropy." But the rhythm didn't feel right so I abandoned that notion.

But I have not given up my disgust with people.

Particular those who go about their business with a blissful ignorance of the world that surrounds them. You know who I'm talking about. Neighbors who run power equipment at 2 in the morning. Co-workers who feel the need to "share" their favorite house music. Smokers who believe emphysema is a disease that should be enjoyed by all.

And of course, careless pet owners who have volunteered to fertilize the planet, whether it needs it or not.

By the way, the above photo was snapped by my daughter and sent to my iPhone with the accompanying message, "Were you in Santa Monica?" I'm going to assume she was referring to the sign.

In any case, my disdain for ©Shitter Litterers knows no bounds. Indeed, with the aid of their local advertising agency, the people in one small town in Spain found a unique solution to problem of ©shittering.

If I could I would award this work a special metal.

And it wouldn't be gold, silver or bronze.

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