Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let's Go Dordts!

As the father of Irish Twins, daughters born 17 months apart, I've grown quite accustomed to sibling rivalry. It goes with the territory.

If one daughter gets something  -- attention, a car, a chicken wing -- the other daughter has to receive something of equal or greater value.

And so it was only natural that my youngest started feeling neglected when her older sister, who is officially now a high school senior, started fielding recruitment calls from prospective colleges. I wrote about this several weeks ago.

These are not the big name high profile colleges that you read about on ESPN or see prominently displayed on license plate frames or overly inflated resumes. We're talking about C and D level institutions, the kind of schools that offer degrees in Crocodile Husbandry or Oven Mittology.

Well, last week my youngest daughter's prayers were answered. She received her first recruiting inquiry. From Dordt College.

I'm going out on a limb and assuming you've never heard of Dordt College. They don't have a football team. Or any famous alumni. And I doubt the scientific world pays any attention to papers published from Dordt in Sioux Center, Iowa, a suburb of Sioux City.

None of that fazed my daughter Abby, who was so excited to receive the brochure she vowed to become a Dordter. Of course my wife and I protested, which only made our defiant 15 year old more steadfast in her decision.

Then I told her to turn to page 3, testimonials from current students.

"Dordt has broadened my vision of what God's world is and how I fit into it. We are called to participate in the mission of God wherever we are."

After two years of Catholic High School my daughter has already had her fill of liturgy, fairy tales and institutionalized hypocrisy.

Dordt is now dead as a doornail.

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