Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm not dead, yet.

I've never done this before, but recently someone showed me how to do a screen grab off my iPhone.

So today I thought I'd share some of the often-hilarious texting that goes on between myself and my teenage daughters.

The out-of-the-blue text above, comes from Abby, my youngest.

She's 15 now, but in my mind she's always 4.

This is her communicating with chalk, before she mastered the non-sequitor.

In the text, she asks if I'd like to be cremated and have my remains spread around the fertile foothills of Upper Gray's Meadow -- that's where we go camping every year.

It's a beautiful spot, high in the Eastern Sierras on the northern end of the Owens Valley. It is surely worthy of a final resting place. But I'm not convinced for a moment that my daughter was seeking counsel regarding this very personal decision.

You see my two teenage girls have started bickering, with tongue planted firmly-in-cheek, about how the Siegel estate will be divided among the heirs. They take devilish glee talking about who gets the Lexus? What happens to the big screen TV? Or...

"You take mommy's jewelry, I'm getting daddy's 407K plan."

They're not so clear on the nomenclature.

What's more, they're fond of talking about divvying up the booty right in front of my wife and I. This, despite the fact that we are both incredibly strong, healthy and prepared to stick around for a long, long time.

They know it upsets us so they beat it like a dead horse.

How did this little texting discussion end?
As they all do, with me getting in the last sarcastic joke.

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