Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crush them

Last Friday I did something I hadn't done in a very long time. I went to a high school football game.

I'm not sure I actually ever went to one of my high school football games. While I enjoy football, I was never too fond of the football players who went to my high school. They were, in general, big dumb guys who used their physicality to get what they wanted, when they wanted it.

That, and many of them made no secret that they didn't like Jews.

So I stayed clear of them and spent most of my free time working. Or drinking beer and smoking pot with the money I had just made.

But this particular high school football game was special.

It was a homecoming game, meaning they had scheduled a cream puff team for a guaranteed victory. It was also special because my oldest daughter had been named a Homecoming Princess for the Junior Class.

I'm not sure that in the 75 year history of Santa Monica Catholic High School they had ever had a Princess from the Tribe, but this year they did. And I'm proud to say my daughter did the crown proud.

(She has forbidden me from posting any pictures.)

The team availed itself well too.

They ran the opening kickoff back 70 yards for a touchdown, followed by an interception. Also run back for a touchdown. Before the first quarter was over, they were up by a whopping 35-0.
It was such a lopsided game that you could hear fans on our side of the bleachers rooting for the other team.

The final score was 56-0. Meaning Jesus had answered the Monsignor's prayer for a homecoming victory. The meek might indeed inherit the earth, but on this warm early autumn evening by the Pacific, they weren't getting anywhere near the red zone.

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Jeff said...

Princess from the Tribe. Roxy '05.