Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slow News Day

We like to mark milestones here at roundseventeen.

The first time we received an angry letter or comment from a reader -- that happened quite early.
The first time we alienated a family member -- that also happened early.
The first time we dropped an F bomb -- surprisingly that took 3 & 1/2 years and it was quite necessary for the story.

We're coming up on another important milestone. And I use the plural 'we' to give the illusion that this (roundseventeen) is something more than just some schmuck at a keyboard with too much free time and too much coffee.

If you look down at the bottom right hand corner, you can see we are closing in on 100,000 hits. I remember when my salary crossed over into 6 digit territory. Now, it's not such an important threshold.

I asked my gardener, and when I say gardener I mean my 'mow, blow and go' guy, how many clients he has. Then I took some pencil to paper and figured he makes almost as much as I do. Of course he has expenses I don't have like lawnmower gas and weedwacker line.

While 6 digits may not carry the weight it once did, in the blogging world it's still quite the achievement. Or so I tell myself.

So, as we have done in the past, we're going to celebrate the occasion with the frivolous changing of the tagline. And you get to help. Consider this a little online focus group.

Your choices are:

A. Roundseventeen. Your one stop shop for misanthropy.

B. Roundseventeen. If it's not offensive, we're doing something wrong.

C. Roundseventeen. A black belt in sarcasm and a PhD in cynicism.

D. Roundseventeen. I'm right. End of story.

E. Roundseventeen. ___________ _____________ ___________ __________ .

Please choose wisely as this tagline will be in place for the next 5 years.
Or until I get bored and decide to change it on a whim.


geo said...

I vote for A. I like the word misanthropy. And I like that you almost have a rhyme.

geo said...

Oh. And congratulations.

Jeff said...

Casting my vote for B.