Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Serenity Now

There's a lot going on with the world.

The Olympics.
The turmoil in Syria.
The Presidential Election.
The aftermath of the Colorado Massacre.
The Chick Fil A bru-ha.
The nationwide drought.
The wild gyrations of the stock market.

All of which stand in stark contrast to what's not going on at the Siegel Household. We are enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet. You see my daughters are spending three weeks at Shalom JCA. Or as they like to call it, Jew Camp.

Sadly, the day after they come home from Jew Camp they go right back to the book learning at St. Monica's Catholic High School. Out of the pot and into the frying pan. Good thing my kids are prone to cynicism and can laugh off all this religiousity.

In the meantime my wife and I are enjoying this little sneak preview into empty nest hood. We drink mojitos on the front porch after work. We come home and the house looks as clean as it did when we left in the morning. We've gone out to eat. We've sat down and actually talked, to each other. We even went to a movie.

I'm pretty sure the last movie we went to was Jerry Maguire.

The anxiety we might have felt as we prepared for their departure has long since dissipated. And it has been replaced with a sense of liberation. In fact because my schedule is so free, this afternoon I'm going to workout at the gym for an hour, then walk to El Nopal restaurant for a Pregnant Burrito, and then take an afternoon nap in my hammock.

But don't get me wrong.
I do love my daughters and can't wait for them to come home.
Mostly because I don't like picking up the dog doo in the backyard.

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