Monday, August 6, 2012

A Hallmark Moment

As you might have guessed from my inclusion of the photo above, when it comes to matters of the heart, I profess little, or more accurately, no expertise. I'm not big on sentimentality, manufactured holidays or mushy chick flicks.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when my former art director partner told me he was getting married and that he wanted me to pen something special for his wedding invitation.

Keep in mind, he and I spent close to 5 &1/2 years working together in a small steel cube, the approximate size of a jail cell.

Not only did I know his picadellos, and he had a few, he knew mine. So he was well aware of my emotional inadequacies.

Naturally, I protested his choice and offered to buy him a lamp or a food processor from Crate and Barrel, but he would have none it. So I yielded. And today, because I just received a copy of the printed invite in the mail, I offer it up for your amusement...

The outside cover reads: a marriage

The inside reads:

It is more than a ring.

More than a piece of paper.
More than a $500 cake.
More than a stack of photos that will gather dust for the next 25 years.

It is more than a partnership.

More than joint property.
More than a division of labor.
More than putting the seat up.
Or putting the seat down.

It is more than a dress.
More than a tuxedo.
More than a fancy table cloth.
More than an overly scrutinized first dance.

It is more than saying "I do."

Or "I will."
Or "I'm sorry."
Or "I love you."

A marriage, and the ceremony that starts it, 
is nothing less than a miracle that gives meaning
to the undeniable truth that 1+1=1.

As you can see I had better keep my day job, because a career with Hallmark is not in the cards.

The good news is I have met his fiancé.
And my buddy has done a much better job picking a bride than he did picking his wedding invitation writer.

1 comment:

Steve Rabosky said...

1+1 =1 is brilliant.
All that other stuff is ok, but you don't really need it.
(Just kidding. Well done.)