Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Arab Fall

Several years ago my uncle went on a cruise in the Mediterranean. He loves to go on cruises and has circled the planet in those big white buffet boats.

He has even tried to convince me, my wife and my two daughters to accompany him on one of these cruise vacations. Going so far as to show me the brochures and how we could all travel quite comfortably and affordably on one of the special gay cruise ships that was offering discounts.

It sounds like the premise for a wacky Steve Carroll type comedy (Bear on a Boat or make up your own funny title) but I assured him it was never going to happen.

I have used this space to vigorously defend gay rights and it sickens me to think we live in a first world country that would still deny rights to gay people, so let's not argue that point. I simply don't want to be the sole breeder on a boat full of men in banana hammocks.

Even if the roles were reversed and it were a ship full of lipstick lesbians, I still wouldn't want to leave land. But I would be more inclined to page through the brochure.

Anyway, back to the Mediterranean.

During his trip a few years back, my uncle spent some time in Egypt. And like many visitors found the place wonderful. (For you Louie CK fans, those were his words, not mine. As a straight man I'm not allowed to use the word wonderful).

He was struck by the raw desert beauty. The sprawling landscapes. Even the very hospitable people who could not have seen the size of my uncle's nose and mistaken him for anything but a Jew.

He was particularly impressed by the pyramids at Giza.
And who wouldn't be?

Well, Islamic Egyptians.

Seems many clerics in the Salafi Party, now emboldened by the election of a Muslim Brotherhood candidate, are calling for the government to take down and obliterate the Pyramids. Why? Because the pyramids represent a pagan period, a time when people did not follow the word of Mohammed. And therefore, like everything else that's good in this world, they must be destroyed.

In other words, these 7th century Neanderthals want to dismantle one of our great Wonders of the World. They'd like to replace it with another wonder:

How can humans beings be so fucking stupid?

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Anonymous said...

By the way, many of the gay men on the gay cruises are also breeders. With lovely children.