Monday, July 30, 2012

Smile You're on Candid Camera

In case the resolution is too low, that is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized as Adolf Hitler.

It was published in an Egyptian newspaper. We've seen these kind of things before. The Nazis and the Holocaust are very sensitive subjects for Jews, so provocateurs use them to get a rise out of us. We tend to laugh it off. But the great uneducated masses, steeped in Arab/Islamic propaganda, tend to gobble this stuff up.

Years ago, the Iranians staged a state-sponsored Holocaust Cartoon Contest. As if squiggly lines on a page could somehow harm us. In a distinctively Jew Ju Jitsu move, several enterprising Israelis staged their own Holocaust Cartoon Contest. It was self-deprecating, more offensive and hence funnier than the Iranians could ever hope to be.

Why? Because, as the kids might say, that's just how we roll.
Put another way, "let the bygones, Zyklon B."

Last week, still steaming over the International Olympic Committee's refusal to honor the 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Games, I stumbled across this little gem.

Note the violent and vile reaction of these three Egyptian actors when they were pranked and told they were being interviewed on Israeli TV. This isn't Candid Camera. This is Rancid Camera. The first fatty literally hauls off a heymaker at the woman posing the questions. Then, in an act of contrition, he offers to rub lotion on her back.

Take a good look at Swarthy McSweatsalot. I suspect most women would prefer another punch to the face.

Let's flip the table and play out an imaginary scenario. Only this time in reverse. Imagine it was an Israeli talk show interviewing Israeli actors. A caller phones in and spills the beans that the show is actually being broadcast on an Egyptian, or Jordanian or even Iranian TV. How do you suppose the actors would take that news?

I'll tell you how. They would roll their eyes, smirk and proceed to the next question.

Let the bygones Zylon B.

This, for those of you who may not be familiar with the history and the facts regarding the turmoil in the Middle East, explains why there is not now, nor will there ever be, a peaceful settlement by two peace-loving mature peoples.

Because only one side is mature and peace loving.

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Joe said...

I saw that video as well on It's amazing to realize that we'd never see that video on any of the networks here, as they prefer to report on Romney's tax returns or Tom Cruise's divorce.

Israelis and a fair amount of American Jews know about this one-sided hatred. But the liberal/leftists here have completely fallen for the "Zionist = Apartheid" nonsense perpetrated by the PLO in the '70s and that still exists at the UN today. I considered myself liberal until one day, at Berkeley, I was surrounded by a bunch at a pro-Palestinian rally, chanting "Death to Israel."

The old saying goes, "If you take away the weapons from the Arabs there would be no more war. If you take away the weapons from Israel, there would be no more Israel."