Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visiting the neighborhood

Today, we're going to do something new.

If you'll notice at the top of this page there is a button for Next Blog. Out of curiosity and taking my cue from my buddy Jeff Gelberg (who did this experiment months ago) I decided to see who's across the street from me in the blogosphere.

I ended up here, at a blog called Learning the Ropes.

It's written by Dr. Ginger Carter Miller. I find it interesting that all three of her names end in 'er'. Not surprisingly, I didn't find much else very interesting. Particularly the fact that she leads a gluten-free life. Why are gluten-free people so smitten with the gluten-free life?

No offense to the good doctor, but I sense even she is disinterested in her own blog since the last time she posted an entry was in November of 2011.

Be that as it may, I still have great respect and admiration for my fellow bloggers who are willing to share their thoughts and opinions. And I've also been a sucker for a woman in a corset.

So what I'd like to do is to get Dr. Miller back on the blogging horse. And I think you can help.

I'd like you to copy and paste the link to her site and share it with friends on Facebook. Weeks or months from now, Dr. Miller will eventually check her site and, if she is like other bloggers, will also check her analytics and see a sudden spike in traffic for May 30, 2012.

She'll do a little investigation and find the source of all these new eyeballs, this posting. Then she'll write me a personal note of gratitude and invite me to give a speech on advertising at Georgia State University, where I will be hailed as some kind of faux advertising celebrity.

And I will agree to this little junket with the proviso that I am flown to Atlanta in First Class, that I am put up at the nearby Four Seasons Hotel and that all the female undergrads will attend that class wearing stiletto heels and a black leather corset.

At least, that's how it plays out in my head.


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