Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slap in the Face Dance

Recently House Republicans brought a bill to the floor that would require states to prohibit welfare recipients from spending their federal benefits in strip clubs, casinos and liquor stores.

I know many of my left-leaning friends have a knee jerk response to any Republican proposal and will reject this out of hand. And listening to the recent rhetoric and extremist social agenda put forth by the presidential candidates, I can understand why.

In many cases it appears Santorum, Romney and Gingrich have not been given the gene for human empathy. Ron Paul is the only candidate that talks the talk about smaller government and then proceeds to walk the walk. Too bad he's just shitbird crazy. And probably anti-semitic.

But here's where those who claim the right is intolerant have reason to take a good long look in the mirror.

You see not every idea that comes from the red state side of the aisle is a bad one. In fact, banning access to federal funds in strips clubs and casinos is a damn fine idea. I can't imagine anybody being against the ban. But if you feel it's wrong to place limitations on how federal aid money is spent I'd certainly love to hear your argument. I'll even start you out:

"I believe recipients of Federal tax dollars have a right to spend their money at Scores or the Spearmint Rhino because..."

Look, I work hard. You probably work hard as well. As I write this, I am in the 13th hour of a shooting day that will likely last until 3 AM, a 15-hour day. This is on top of the 14-hour day I put in yesterday. I'm not complaining. I love my work and consider myself fortunate to have an income.

But I don't feel so damn lucky that I'm willing to subsidize some lazy schmuck who would deny his family food, shelter and clothing so that he can sip on Jim Beam cocktails in the Champagne Room while Tiffany grinds his crotch and slowly extracts a bevy single dollar bills you and I so generously put in his pocket.



As always, funny and thought-provoking stuff, Rich!

mr Jim

Ivy said...

In full agreement. EXCEPT - where is the line drawn? Are foreign-made products banned? What about nutritionally-poor foods (say, a pack of Oreos for your kids now and again)? Unnecessary services (like a salon visit or a well-earned massage?) Movies? Cable TV? Cellphones? IMHO, what we need is not so much big-brother style monitoring, but, rather, social services employees who have enough funding and support to do there jobs properly. So that those who really need help (income, health care, mental health care, transportation, education, etc, etc...) are in fact comforted, and those who abuse the system stand out like sore thumbs. It's never so black and white. But it's pretty clear our social services suck wads, and not necessarily by their own mismanagement.

Ivy said...

And, btw, I meant THEIR. ...their jobs properly.
Oh, the shame.