Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Hot Tub Time Machine

It is two days past Valentine's day and I am in the doghouse because I failed to pay proper tribute to the love of my life -- my jacuzzi.

To add insult to injury I almost let an important anniversary slip by without notice. You see, it was 10 years ago today that I took delivery of the Tiger River Bengal Hot Tub. And my life has not been the same.

If you own a hot tub I don't need to tell you about its magical ability to melt away the minutiae of the day. I don't need to wax poetic about the spinning jets, the powerful foot massager or the available scented Eucalyptus oils that bring out the best of a cool winter night. If you own a hot tub I don't need to explain the reluctance to leave home or the inability to stay at a hotel without one.

If you don't own a hot tub (and one time I counted myself among you) I'm here to tell you, without any hope of securing any swag from the Tiger River company, that you need to buy one.

For years I dreamed  of my own personal spa in the backyard but my wife was not so willing. She claimed it was expensive and that after a while I wouldn't use it. She said she had seen way too many backyards with hot tubs that had fallen into disrepair and had become immovable eyesores. Her arguments held water.

That is until September, 2001. That's when I realized life was short. Too short not to own a hot tub. Thank you Mohammed Atta.

I did my research, shopped around and even built a redwood deck to accommodate my new toy (Another Thing Jews Don't Do.) That was ten years ago. Since then, there is rarely a night that I am not in my birthday suit soaking up the 104 degree water under the starry skies of Culver City.

I know I have a short fuse and can be borderline impatient. But I like to think the nightly ventures to the jacuzzi have calmed my fiery nerves and soothed my inner New Yorker. You might get an argument from my wife on that.

But I think she's happy she relented on this matter and would agree that a supposedly-mellower, if not delusional Rich Siegel with a hot tub, is better than one without.


Jeff said...

Wait, do you live in Culver City or Marin?

TC said...

Rich, after reading your post and your description about your hot tubs magical abilitys, I couldn't help thinking about Penn Jellette's hot tub invention. Have you heard about this? check it out-

terrylev said...

It's so weird to have two bloggers you read covering the same obscure subject at the same time. Here is a piece on hot tubs from an extremely funny writer in Christchurch NZ who is having to move his house after the terrible earthquakes there.

Cathy said...

“…I realized life was short. Too short not to own a hot tub…” – Oh my, I can really see how much you value your hot tub. Isn’t it great that you were able to prove to your wife that even after ten years, your hot tub will not fall to neglect? Cheers to us, hot-tubbers!

Cathy Newman