Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They call me Diomedes

A wise man once said, "Innovate or Die."
So today I am innovating.

In addition to marketing myself as a Freelance Creative Director/Copywriter, I will also be presenting myself as a Digital Diomedes. You may recall Diomedes was an ancient Greek Warrior who commanded a herd of carnivorous equines.

Apart from the catchy alliteration, my new title demonstrates my growing expertise in the digital arena. I've complemented my traditional brand experience with a wealth of work on banners, micro-sites, app development and even mobile devices.

But Rich, you say, every copywriter has worked on banners, micro-sites and Facebook applications.
To which I reply, in today's parlance, "haters gonna hate."

Like the Digital Ninjas, the Experiential Entrepreneurs, the Innovation Strategists, that have preceded me, I am not going to let the lack of any rigorous education or meaningful accountability stand in my way. Once I master the jargon and cultivate a full head of unwarranted confidence, I will be a Digital Diomedes.

Should anyone challenge my digital pseudo-proficiency or my cocky unflinching infallibility, I will respond as my twenty-something predecessors have:

"You don't get it, do you?"

And then I will sic one of my man-eating horses on their sorry ass.

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