Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Afghanistan Banana Stand

At this writing we still have no idea whether the Congress will raise the debt ceiling or let the country go into default. But perhaps if we adhered to our own love of capitalism and the free movements of the marketplace we would not find ourselves in this precarious position.

Allow me to elaborate.

Last week CNN reported that militants in Afghanistan hanged an 8 year old boy after his father refused to comply with their demands. This is so abhorrent, it is hard to put into words. Why waste a perfectly good piece of rope when stoning, a much more economical way to punish insubordination would suffice? I've seen pictures of Afghanistan and I know that while they are not abundant in many other natural resources, they are not hurting for rocks.

And yet this rope, paid for by the American taxpayer, had to be wantonly used in another display of government financed waste. It makes the blood boil, doesn't it?

Here's a better idea. Let's reduce our national debt by one trillion dollars in one fell swoop. Let's pull ALL our troops and resources from this forsaken country and let them fend for themselves.

I'm well aware of the argument that if we leave, the Taliban and or Al Queda, will unseat the 'democratically-elected' Karzai government. Let them. We haven't won the hearts and minds of the Afghani people, neither will these Islamic extremists. Let them take over and deal with the issues of nation-building. If they can't provide food, water and electricity to the people because they are spending money on bombs, guns and suicide vests, they can deal with the wrath of the locals.

In other words, let the universal forces of supply and demand dictate the outcome for Afghanistan. And let my tax dollars pay for something more useful like teachers, cops and Navy Team Six.

BTW, I went to Home Depot to get an accurate cost of 12 feet of heavy duty rope needed to hang a
100 lbs. boy and come next April, I'm deducting $23 from my taxes.

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