Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My New Tool

If you were to scroll to the bottom of the page, you would find a new feature here on roundseventeen. It's an internal search box. With it, you can find old entries with a simple keyword, like: cock, Iranian, advertising, underachievement, etc.

I installed this handy little gadget more for my own benefit than yours.

You see with close to 500 entries and with a self-imposed duty to publish four times a week I run the real risk of repeating myself. Sometimes I'll start writing and furiously hacking at the keyboard about farting or account planning or swimming, and then I'll have to stop myself because I've already covered that area.

That is not to say that I don't mine rich veins that produce a wealth of material. Running topics like Things Jews Don't Do or crazy shit my neighbors do or just weird stuff I see around LA. Like this very creative Mariner...

But I do try and keep things fresh. And to that end, you'll have to excuse me as I am late for my appointment at the Beverly Hills Gun Club.

More on that, later.

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