Thursday, June 23, 2011

We have a winner

The results are in.

I apologize for the delay in announcing the results from last week's new Tagline poll, but due to the incredibly heavy volume and some possible voter fraud from our readers in the Ukraine, the tallying process took longer than expected.

As you might recall, last week we surpassed 50,000 hits. And to celebrate we have decided to replace the old tagline "Work in advertising long enough and 17 rounds of revisions seems like a cakewalk." In hindsight, I've always found that line to be too pedantic. And quite frankly, hypocritical as I am always telling clients not to spoon feed and to give viewers/readers/consumers more credit in the intelligence department.

Without further ado:

Roundseventeen. No shirt, no shoes, no snark....................3,892,652

Roundseventeen. Irrelevant and built to stay that way..........2,764,521

Roundseventeen. Now with 23% more cynicism..................5,178,945

Roundseventeen. (submit your own tagline here).............................1

There was only one write in vote that simply read "Blow it out your ass Siegel, no one gives a crap about your silly blog."

For personal reasons, I'm going to disqualify that. 
Besides, the important thing here is that we have a winner. 

Now I know the more astute of you will be saying, "wait a minute, wait a minute, over 10 million votes were cast on a blog celebrating a mere 50,000 hits? Something seems fishy here." Indeed it does. And that's just the kind of skepticism and critical thinking this blog is all about. 

And for that I have amended the new amended tagline.

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