Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Allah Not So Akbar

The news from the Middle East is not pretty these days. Actually, I'm not sure it ever is.

Moammar Khaddaffi (today's random spelling) continues his assault on fellow Libyans, the people he claims to love with all his heart. Violence continues in Yemen. And Syrian refugees are massing on the Turkish border seeking sanctuary from invading tanks, not Israeli tanks, Syrian tanks bent on killing other Syrians.

Thanks to technology and embedded reporters, we can see all this on a daily basis.

What you don't see however is even more startling.

You don't see Muslims taking to the streets demanding an end to to the bloodshed.
You don't see Muslim protestors, on the safe shores of the US or Britain, foaming at the mouth to stop the violence.
You don't even see Facebook pages being organized to raise awareness of this escalating turmoil.

Oh and one more thing, you don't see Jews parading through the streets of Tel Aviv, NY or London celebrating the deaths of innocent people. That would be terrible right? An awfully misguided case of schadenfrude.

That didn't stop the Palestinian presses from containing their joy about a recent gas explosion that killed 4 Israelis in Netanya last week.

Apparently nothing moves the Arab masses like the spilling of Jewish blood.
That, or the drawing of a Mohammed cartoon.

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