Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Penis penis penis

Years ago, while contemplating an exit from the exciting world of advertising, Rob Schwartz and I wrote an episode of Mission Hill, an animated series from the former producers of The Simpsons, Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein.

While we were flattered that the funniest writers in Hollywood, of the funniest show on TV, asked us to pen an episode ("Happy Birthday Douchebag") of their new show, very few of our jokes actually made the final cut.

Sadly, the best of the lines that we were given credit for but did not write, is included here for your amusement.

Other than shameless self-promotion, I bring all this penii up for another reason.

You see the other day I was watching CNN and the unfolding tragedy in Japan. There is nothing remotely funny about the earthquake, the tsunami and the biblical loss of life. But one has to find the silver lining somewhere. And in this case, a tip of the hat goes to the parents of the CNN foreign correspondent covering the story in Japan...

I find it amusing enough to go through life with one name (Richard and/or Dick) synonymous with penis. I can't imagine the teasing and humiliation heaped upon the poor reporter blessed with two.

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