Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let the Games begin

If you've been following the news lately or if you've ever stood in line at Mammoth's Chair 8 during the Christmas Holiday, you know that Iranian lunacy knows no bounds.

Having cleansed their entire country of political dissidents and homosexuals, the Iranians went looking for a new foe. They didn't have to look very far. In a letter to the International Olympics Committee, Iran's Secretary General Bahram Afsharzadeh warned of a possible boycott of the games because the new, and admittedly ugly logo, allegedly spells out the word Zion.

This should shock no one. Years ago, the Iranians called for a global boycott of Pepsi because it was alleged, the word Pepsi is simply an acronym for Pay Every Penny to Save Israel.

It's laughable.
As if an entire nation of people never got passed the third grade.

But Rich, I can hear the enlightened reader, is there any merit to the claim? If I'm being honest, perhaps. If you choose to read the logo counterclockwise and in a vertical fashion, then squint your eyes while scanning the jagged representation of the year 2012, you could possibly come up with Zion.

But using that same logic, you can also come up with icons that are distinctively anti-Zionist:

Can't see the Swastika?

Fair enough, how about this:

In fact, if you're willing to play along with the misguided imams in Iran, you can turn this little game on its head. With a little clever puzzlemaking, one can even assert that the London 2012 logo is not
Pro-Zionist as the Iranian Secretary claims, and is in reality, unabashedly pro-Islamic:

The truth is we don't have time to be designing subliminal Olympic Logos.

Between running the Hollywood propaganda machine, pulling all the strings on global finances, fomenting political strife on all 7 continents, masterminding world domination and slaughtering gentile children and harvesting their blood for our ritualistic Passover dinners, we have too much on our plate.


Jeff said...

On our kosher plate.

Louise said...

It's good to be MOT.

Louise said...

It's good to be MOT.