Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cleaning house

Continuing on Tuesday's theme of home improvements, this is the shower door in my downstairs bathroom. When we remodeled the house in '98, we had planned to completely redo the bathroom, but like anybody who has gone through the process knows, we simply ran out of funds.

So the ugly tile and the not-so-ugly shower door remained.

This is the original door installed by Mrs. Ruby Shipp, the woman who owned the house since it was built in 1947. Mrs. Shipp is an interesting character. We learned she was an English teacher at nearby Culver High School. And that she died a happy spinster. Oddly enough, even after 18 years in the house, we still receive mail addressed to her. Why a dowdy old English teacher would want a nubile naked girl on her shower is anybody's guess, but that's what makes life interesting isn't it?

With the economy coming back to life so has my wife's desire to complete the bathroom re-do. I had entertained the notion of ripping out the old tile and replacing it by myself. But in the file of Things Jews Don't Do, tiling/retiling is somewhere near the top of the list. I believe it's sandwiched between 'changing out a transmission' and 'hunting moose.'

Of course, when the old tile goes, so will Aphroquarius, my given name to the goddess of the happy shower.

I feel overwhelmed by a nostalgic sense of loss. I'll leave it to you, the dear reader, to fill in your own snappy, puerile ending to this post.

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max said...

Next time I need to use the rest room, I'm coming over.