Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Thumbs Up

Maybe you were one of the three plus million people who saw the youtube video of the woman walking through the Berkshire Town Plaza, texting on her phone and face-planting herself into a mall fountain.

If you weren't, have no fear, I will be embedding the video for your viewing pleasure just as soon as I can get this type past this huge diagram of the bones and ligaments in the human hand

In the latest development, it turns out the woman has four previous felony convictions for identity theft. So while you might be tempted to have sympathy for her, consider the victims of her crimes who had to spend endless hours and countless energy to get their financial house back in order.

Ah, we have cleared the diagram and I can paste in the said video:

While I'll grant you the security guard and his friend watching this mishap might be enjoying her misfortune a little too much, I'd also posit that she had it coming to her.

Years ago when I was studying karate, we were taught the first rule of self defense is environmental awareness. This woman clearly has none.

But she is not alone. Everyday, I see women (and men) texting on their smartphones while driving --ok, driving is a generous descriptor, inching-- their way to work on the 405.

I've never been a big texter and simply don't understand why you'd use a device designed for talking to another person to text another person.

Why not use the speakerphone or the Bluetooth and keep your hands free? You know for the more important things, like putting on your makeup.

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