Monday, January 3, 2011

Drizzle Alert 2011

The first post of the New Year and he's talking about the weather. That can't be a good sign, can it?

But the truth is, lots of people are talking about the weather. The blizzard in NY, the rain in LA or the 20 feet of snow in Mammoth Lakes. (No one seems to be talking about the ridiculous $92 lift tickets at Mammoth Mountain however. I'm sure I'll get around to raging about that in the near future.)

In any case, we just concluded one of our rainiest Decembers on record. I believe we topped 8 inches. I'm sure this brings a snicker to friends up in Seattle, where it rains 8 inches between the brewing of the 2nd and 3rd pot of coffee. Nevertheless, it's the Southern California equivalent of a monsoon.

Just ask the man pictured above.

While patiently waiting for the Number 5 bus to Culver City, he found shelter under the world's largest umbrella, complete with a convenient picnic table stand. Had the wind been cooperative, I suspect he could have caught a good updraft and Mary Poppin'ed himself straight through to the Baldwin Hills.

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Jackie of course said...

WoW! You guys have the same odd eery wierd weather...My Dad says: G-d is mad at the whole Glad you guys are ok...Happy 2011 Wishing you prosperity health n well being in the coming year<3