Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rage Against the Machine Makers

Last week I promised to tap open a bottle of Noah's Mill bourbon and write three verses of drunken Haiku per reader requests. This week, I have some fessing up to do.

I never made it to the BevMo to buy the $55 bottle. (Frankly, your sketchy readership of this blog and the failure to promote it doesn't merit that investment.) And because of the events that have transpired this week I found it impossible to focus on anything but my own pent up anger.

You see, my 50 inch HDTV, that I bought in 2008 went on the fritz. It wouldn't turn on. The service people carted it away and told me the main receiver board had to be replaced. An $811.66 repair to a TV that cost $2200 brand new a little more than 2 years ago.

After many fruitless efforts, I finally did speak with a representative from the manufacturer, who merely restated the facts, said there was nothing he could do and was sorry for my misfortune.

I told him that I would use the power of the Internet and the lyricism of Haiku poetry to make my misfortune, his company's misfortune.

Haiku #1:

"Plas, Ma. TV broke"
Change input, reboot machine.
Daddy not happy.

Haiku #2

Please remain on line
Your business is important
Be with you shortly

Haiku #3

Customer is King?
Brand disloyalty is born
Fuck you Pioneer!!!

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