Monday, April 26, 2010

The Next Entry You Read

They say you're getting old when you begin facing issues of bladder control. I would argue the same holds true when you begin facing issues of blogger control.

This morning I literally had to Google James Whitmore and roundseventeen to make sure I had not written about today's topic.

Thankfully, I had not.

Whitmore had a stellar career, starring in more than 100 major motion pictures. One of those pictures, happened to be filmed about 10 houses down the street from mine. It was a classic 1950's yarn that reflected the uneasiness of the day. It starred Whitmore and a very young, not-yet-Nancy Reagan.

The film, "The Next Voice You Hear" was about G-d and his mysterious weekly radio broadcasts. I remember watching this movie as a little boy and quaking in fear. A lot has changed since then, not the least of which is my growing agnosticism.

Today, we can pop our Netflix-rented DVD in the player and fast forward through all the cheesy jingoism and get to the good part -- no, not when G-d speaks on the radio -- the exterior shots of Carlson Park and Culver City.

A screen grab from the movie trailer:

And a photo from my iPhone:


laura said...

I love the photo comparison as well as James Whitmore. Another great post.

Jeff said...

What Laura said. And as I look at that lawn, it looks like they may have used Miracle Gro. Whitmore would be proud.