Monday, April 19, 2010

Forgive me father...whoah what's that?

A Priest, a rabbi and a Mexican walk into a bar. The Mexican orders a plate of nachos and a Dos Equis beer. The Rabbi pulls a gun out of his pocket, orders the priest into the back room and forces him to molest a 7 year old altar boy.

At least that's how the joke is told by Bishop Giacomo Babini, who blames the current church sex scandal on the world's favorite scapegoat, Da Jews or as he refers to us, the God Killers.

He also goes on to claim that the 6 million people who died at the hands of Nazi murderers probably had it coming to them. And berates Jews for reminding the world about the alleged horrors of the Holocaust, implying that if 400,000 million Catholics (1/3 of the world population equal, in other worlds a similar proportion) were singled out and butchered, the Church would have simply forgiven the transgressors and moved on.

In further statements not quoted in the article, the esteemed Bishop claimed Jews were responsible for the volcano eruption in Iceland in a further attempt to cast a dark cloud over the Vatican.

When asked to clarify his comments, Babini balked and said he was late for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.


Jeff said...

No no, that's not how it goes. Bishop Giacomo Babini walks into a bar and sees a gorilla in a cage in the corner. The Bishop asks the bartender why there's a gorilla there. The bartender says, "Watch this." He pulls a 2 x 4 out from under the bar, goes over to the cage and opens it. The gorilla charges at him, and when he does the bartender smacks him in the head with the 2 x 4. Upon being struck, the gorilla drops to his knees, unzips the bartenders pants and proceeds to service him. When he's done, he goes back in his cage and closes the door. The bartender turns to Bishop Babini and says, "What do you think? You want to try it?" And Bishop Babini says, "Okay, just don't hit me so hard."

Ellen November said...

Thank you Rich for connecting the dots. I wasn't following his thinking, now I'm clear. The age of any intelligent discourse is over.