Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last week, the creators of South Park found themselves on the wrong end of a death threat from revolutionmuslim.com. Matt Parker and Trey Stone had made the fatal mistake of portraying Mohammed in a bear suit.

Never mind that we never saw who was in the bear suit. Or that other religions were equally mocked. Or that it was a frikkin' cartoon.

Nevertheless, the faithful extremists, living in Queens, NY (I believe the 4th holiest site in the Islamic religion) have gone on the attack. Their prophet has been given unfair, ursine treatment and death be to anyone who says otherwise.

Funny how these residents of Flushing failed to get even mildly upset about the daily suicide bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere around the globe. Bombings that maim and kill fellow Muslims.

Perhaps those atrocious acts are given a pass because, wait for it, they are committed by other Muslims.

In any case, talk is cheap.

I'm throwing my support behind Matt and Trey and all those who stand up for free speech. And to demonstrate how ridiculous it is to call for the death of people who dare depict Mohammed, I offer the following:

But Rich, aren't you playing with fire here?

Yes. And no.

Over the weekend a viral movement has sprung up on the web, under the guise of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Thousands of images of Mohammed are flooding the Internet. Some more offensive than others (none however more offensive than the face of censorship.) And as the originator of the idea aptly put it, every new image dilutes the target pool. They can't kill all of us (as a Jew, I already have a bounty on my head.)

Besides, there is a greater danger afoot -- the loss of our freedom of speech.

It's a bit of a cliche, but in this case it's true, if we don't draw a Mohammed cartoon or make a mockery of his image, the terrorists win.

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Jeff said...

The Mohammed Lexus! Dammit, I knew those cars weren't accelerating by themselves.