Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's a Witch

Did you know a Saudi Arabian court sentenced Ali Hussein Sibat to death for the crime of "sorcery?"

This didn't happen 5 centuries ago.

The sorcery charge was brought about by the religious police, if ever two words did not belong together these would be right at the top of the list next to Congressional bipartisanship.

Apparently, Mr. Sibat, the host of his own TV show, made the mistake of giving out advice and, in clear violation of Koranic principles, predicting the future. For that, the police argue, he should be stoned to death.

I didn't know predicting the future was an act of apostasy. By that leap in logic a lot of people should be joining Mr. Sibat on the stoning pole.

I hope the Saudis have enough rocks for architects, stock analysts, horse handicappers, clothing designers, car makers, and caterers.

Is it any wonder the Israelis can't make peace with the Muslim world? The Muslim world cannot foresee a future co-existing with Jews.

They're not allowed to.

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