Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There is an app for that

I am such a big fan of Apple. Not the new iPad mind you, I have a laptop and a phone and don't see the need for anything in between.

But like the advertising (from my alma mater agency) says if there's a problem in life, there's probably an app that can solve it. OK, they say it more eloquently than that, but I'm not on the clock right now.

As I have written before, I have an issue with barking dogs in my neighborhood. I have a bigger issue with inconsiderate pet owners who do nothing to curb the ruckus. But as the recent health debate has proven, you can't beat common sense into people.

I recently discovered Pitch Rocket. A bargain at 99 cents. Armed with this sonic missile, I can now emit ear-piercing high pitch noise whenever my cretinous neighbor lets his pit bull howl at the moon.

I've already employed the Pitch Rocket twice to great success. And now I have taken to doing all my work on my laptop. On my back porch. On the off chance I will get the opportunity to zap that mutt shut again.

Thank you Steve Jobs.

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