Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Palin Geography 101

Last week I published this photo on my Facebook account to the delight of many, many people.
It was my little commentary on the antics of political douchebaggette Sara Palin. The woman has the intellectual prowess of a garden slug.

In any case, I'm reprinting the photo and taking this opportunity to explain my recent swing back to the center of the political spectrum. As the grandson of card-carrying Russian socialists, my friends and family have in the past been distressed by my conservative take on some issues.

"Rich, you're a quasi-successful, college-educated man with a modicum of sophistication, how can you support George Bush?" I suppose that's a fair question. But in the wake of September 11th and as a lifelong student of the Arab-Israeli conflict, I know of no other way to deal with murderous Muslim fanatics.

In fact, on this point, I have not softened one bit. The threat of Islamisation and the unyielding desire for a world caliphate is our greatest challenge.

However, with Ms. Palin at the pulpit, I find it increasingly impossible to stand with the party that is against gay rights, against health care reform, against separation of church and state, and frankly against some of the things that make America great.

Furthermore, the lack of bipartisanship (the fault of Republicans and Democrats) threatens to widen the growing gap between the haves and the have-nots. And frankly that has me very concerned. Because when the torches get lit and the mobs get assembled, where does that leave me, the have-a-littles?

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James Brown said...

For my step-father, a lifelong Republican, there were too things that finally turned him to vote for a Democrat. First was the gross incompetence and negligence that typified the last administration's approach to governing. It's not surprising he said, that people who talk non-stop about hating government suck at governing.

But the slut that broke the camel's back was Palin. He just couldn't fathom how anyone could see anything of merit in someone as uneducated, unprincipled and unprepared as her. The choice also made him realize what a reckless fool McCain was.